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Weis Church is an UNESCO listed site in Bavaria, Germany. Similar to the church we saw on the first part of our Neuschwanstein day trip in style, but bigger and a bit more grand. When we arrived and took the treck from where the bus stopped (outside the gift store) to the church (all of […]

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We did quiet a bit of eating on our holiday, but never really though about what to expect from French food. Apart from the obvious things like croissants and stereotypical things like snails, French food had an interesting impact on us. I can honestly say that one of the best meals I had in Paris […]

Our bedroom

I’m really excited to be finally writing about PARIS! I still can’t believe that I went there, and can’t wait to go back. I was completely awe struck upon arrival, and it was a feeling that didn’t leave during our seven days in Paris. This post, however, is dedicated to our cute little private stay […]

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After two and a half weeks of traveling around Europe, with about 1500 kms of travelling under our belt, we arrived in Zell. I first wrote about Zell in January last year, well over a year ago, when our holiday plans looked very different. I wrote again about Zell in September, when Pat’s parents first […]

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On our last day in Munich, in fact, our last day before our long hike to Zell for Christmas with the in-laws, we went on a wonderful day trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle. We had booked a small group tour through Pure Bavaria ToursĀ a few months prior, at which time we knew we had booked […]

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We really had a blast in Munich. We had delicious Afghan food at Nigin, visited the Nueu Pinakothek to see some amazing works by Caspar David Friedrich and the Pinakothek der Moderne which occupied us for hours, went to too many Augustiner Beer Halls to mention, ate more meat than I ever imagined I could, […]